waterfall countertop cost

In the world of contemporary kitchen and bathroom design, few aesthetic innovations have stirred as much interest as the waterfall countertop cost. Whereas a traditional countertop has a single horizontal surface that ends at the edge of an island, peninsula, or bank of cabinets, the waterfall drops vertically down the sides, creating a continuous flow of all the way to the floor. It’s all about looks, a way to put a dramatic material—usually natural stone—on display, and as you’d expect, it’s pricey! So read on for details about all the options to see if this splurge is right for your remodel.

Giving Glamour to Everyday Spaces
As kitchens become gathering places and bathrooms feel increasingly like personal spas, our most functional, practical rooms are trending towards greater sophistication. No wonder the waterfall has caught on! In a cookspace, a waterfall countertop can be a stunning focal point, linking floor design with cabinetry in one dynamic sweep and elevating an ordinary island to the level of fancy furniture. Though it would have no place in a traditional home, a waterfall countertop offers the strong, clean lines key to a contemporary kitchen. In the bath, a smoothly flowing expanse of stone on the sides of a vanity can seamlessly connect to walls or flooring. And since natural stone is waterproof and moisture-proof, it’s a perfect choice for a steamy bathroom.